As global markets become more exposed to widespread regulatory impacts and a diverse stakeholder base, greater reliance and accountability pressures are being placed on the Board. Effective corporate governance promotes the efficient and legal use of resources and should identify managers who do not put scarce resources to efficient use, or who are incompetent or — at the extreme — corrupt.

The need for better oversight requires the Board to adapt through technology and independent reporting channels such as compliance and risk.  In addition to the pace of regulatory change, Boards internally are being challenged by diversity pressures, the need for new technical skills to deal with growing risks, and cultural and ethical conflicts and issues.

This program has been designed to provide a wide range of recent cases in Malaysia and abroad, research and publications from around the world, governance issues and dilemmas will be explored through a range of learning activities,  including classroom, multimedia presentations, scenario analysis of case studies, group simulations and role plays.

The course outline is tailored only for those already practicing Corporate Governance. Challenges faced by different departments, will be highlighted and will be discussed during the workshop.

This workshop will focus on the key issues of Corporate Governance and participants will:

  • Understand what the new developments in Corporate Governance mean for your business
  • Discuss emerging Corporate Governance influencers and stakeholders
  • Experience how changing Board dynamics affect corporate culture and performance
  • Understand how to carry out a Corporate Governance Analysis
  • Learn the latest techniques in resourcing a Corporate Governance unit
  • Understand how Boards could fail
  • Discover tools to assist the Board and Corporate Governance unit