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Header CI Nov 2016

Competitive and Market Intelligence (CI/MI) is a vital activity in any business. CI/MI is the most crucial tool for surviving and thriving in a competitive environment. These challenges and risks will increase significantly in the future, thus monitoring competitors is of utmost importance if organizations desire to sustain market advantages. CI/MI is essential as part of an organization’s core business approaches for gaining the information needed for strategic decision making. The establishment of business processes to manage the collection, evaluation and utilization of shared business critical date is not something that can be driven by technology alone, but it is something that can be made effective and intelligent through appropriate training and guidance.

Zenith’s ‘Competitive and Market Intelligence” master class aims to demystify Competitive and Market Intelligence and to create an awareness of the increasing importance of CI/MI in today’s businesses. It also will cover the latest techniques to enhance the skills and knowledge for those involved in or with an active interest in Competitive and Market Intelligence.

This 2-day master class focuses on the key issues involved in the Market Intelligence process, including establishing a CI/ MI program, gathering, analyzing and reporting intelligence.As well as outlining and providing the theoretical basis for Market intelligence, it will include simple but powerful methods and techniques that participants can apply immediately for themselves and their organizations so as to prepare their organizations for the future, with winning strategies.

With over 30-years global experience of the course instructor Murali Dharan, ‘Competitive and Market Intelligence’ will be demonstrated hands-on and interactively through exercises and examples from different countries.

• Gain a critical understanding of the sources and strategic applications of market data
• Be able to assess the quality of your company’s market research and Competitive and Market Intelligence as an input to strategic decisions
• Adding value to the decision making process by adopting the most suitable analytical method for your business
• Transforming key information into bottom line results through effective execution of intelligence processes
• Bench marking against international case studies on Market and Competitive strategies and examples of best practices to prepare your organizations for the future.