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Course Overview

Increasingly organisations are recognising the strategic value that effective contract drafting and contract negotiation provides both in terms of providing both certainty, clarity and risk management protection to the organisation.

This 2 Day Masterclass focuses on the key skillsets of Contract drafting and clause construction and crucially the required interpersonal and psychological skills in effectively negotiating contractual frameworks. Each stage of the contract lifecycle is covered; from pre-contract through to post contract award and ongoing management, providing delegates with a full end to end roadmap and toolkit to negotiate the increasingly complex nature of International contracting. In addition, the course expands to incorporate key principles of International Law, alongside model legal frameworks such as UNCITRAL.

Delegates will also receive soft copy contract templates, plus Service Level Agreements (SLA) plus full electronic copies of UNCITRAL and Key International Treaties.

In addition to the structured learning within this Masterclass, delegates will have the opportunity at the end of each day’s learning for open discussion with the course director on an informal basis to enable both further knowledge transfer and to explore any additional aspects of Contract Drafting/Management. Additional materials arising from discussions will be provided to each delegate to enable swift implementation upon their return to the workplace.

Your Eminent Workshop Facilitator


John Atkinson (FITOL) is an independent business consultant and trainer specialising in Strategic Procurement, Supply Chain, Contract Law & Vendor Management Based in the UK. John’s corporate experience spans some 30 years including Head of Group & Global Procurement for Focus Wickes plc. where he was responsible for the full creation and implementation of global sourcing initiatives, supplier/vendor management and commercial contract negotiation. John has also held senior roles within Barclays Bank corporate and led a wide and diverse range of teams, both locally and globally. John is also a certified instructor in delivering emotional intelligence training and has wide international Oil & Gas, Telecoms, Manufacturing, Public Sector Ministries and banking sector experience, including:
Kuwait, Iraq, Qatar, KDR, China, Germany, Malaysia, West Africa, France, Syria and Sweden.

As a consultant and trainer for the last 12 years John is passionate about delivery, and utilises his career expertise to ensure that clients receive leading edge training results, enabling delegates to understand not only the subject matter, but also the application and usage to add value both to their role and within the wider organisational environment. For clients, John believes it is crucial to understand their key requirements and required results from training; therefore each course is bespoke and created specifically to meet the client’s individual needs.

For course delegates, John believes that people learn in a variety of ways; therefore all courses incorporate a mixture of theory and practical exercises reinforced with real world examples to embed the course materials. Thus ensuring both client and delegate achieve measurable training benefits.

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Header Strategic Cost Mgmt


In A Gist: Identifying Cost Consuming Areas in Each Department Using Cost Management Strategies to Eliminate Wastage and Boost Profits

Increasing global competition, an intensifying regulatory environment and growing cost pressures mean that businesses facing more fierce challenges than ever. The successful organizations will be the ones that create a strong strategic focus to drive performance and align resources organization-wide to facilitate strategic execution.

In Zenith’s 2-day workshop, Duncan Williamson, will share his vision that CFOs need increased focus on profitability. Being a leading finance and cost management expert, Duncan will challenge some of the common premises of cost management and share case studies where companies have identified the true causes of costs and therefore profitability to then materially increased profits. He will discuss leading cost management techniques.

Key benefits of attending

  • Make Optimal Use of Organization’s Resources Using A Performing Cost Management Structure
  • Determine Two Major Make Up Value Factors of The Firm: Risk & Profitability
  • Facilitate Improvements Both Within the Organization and With Suppliers
  • Take Actions That Are Necessary to Assure That the Resources and Business Operations Aim at Attaining Objectives and Goals
  • Analyze the Business Positioning in Terms of Making an Acquisition Factoring the Cost Component Involved

About the Trainer




Duncan Williamson specializes in Financial Analysis and Management Accounting; and he is an Accounting and Management Consultant with significant experience with a sustained record of success established in the Educational, Financial and Commercial market places. Some of his partial clients in Malaysia includes: - Kumpulan Wang Pesaraan, United Plantation Bhd, Bina Darulaman Bhd, Gas Malaysia Bhd, BASF Petronas Chemicals S/B, NEC Corporation of Malaysia and more. Duncan’s   International experience includes projects and consultancies carried out in the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, South Asia, South East Asia, the Caucasus, the Balkans, Central Europe and Denmark.

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Header Process Transformation


Transforming Manufacturing Process Flow to acclimatize Industry 4.0

Transformation literally means going beyond your form - Wayne Dyer


The workshop is designed to enable key decision makers move the business processes to the Industry 4.0 requirements. It entails using emerging information technologies to implement Internet of Things (IoT) and services so that business process and engineering process deeply integrate making production operate in a flexible, efficient and green way with constantly high quality and at low cost.


  • Process diagnostic methodology for identifying opportunities
  • Assessment factors for moving process towards Industry 4.0
  • Focused opportunities to design and configure transformed process
  • Action plan for Industry 4.0 transformation
  • Enable key decision makers move the business processes to the Industry 4.0 requirements.
  • Shows how business process and engineering process deeply integrate making production operate in a flexible, efficient and green way with constantly high quality and at low cost.



Dr. John Man
Advisor, Coach & Trainer
Business Process Transformation
Smart Process International

John’s Core Competencies

  • Business growth and acceleration through process transformation
  • Lean and six sigma applications in business process diagnostics and process transformation
  • Coach management teams in operational excellence
  • Practical applications of organization structure and design and industrial psychology in organizations
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Header Unravel 21st Century Header


This conference will deliver the insights to help marketers to strategize marketing revolving the 21st  century consumers. Experts from around the region will share their successful strategies which will be presented by representatives from top international companies. We believe this conference will give you the big picture of 21st  century consumers’ landscape and how marketing in top companies have been implementing consumer-first approach. You cannot afford to ignore the 21st century consumers, their demands are going to keep growing!


  • Understand the current consumer trends from top industry speakers.
  • Equip yourself with the skills and insights to flourish in the year ahead with case studies, keynotes, and discussions.
  • Take away practical examples of how to integrate various marketing strategies to your own brand and organisation.
  • Identify the most suitable marketing strategy for different types of consumers.
  • Learn about consumer-first marketing strategies from 20+ top marketers.
  • Cross-reference ideas, concepts and queries relating to the various means of communication.
  • Overcome the obstacles in understanding and implementing new technologies.
  • Get insights on how a company’s return on marketing can match-up to others’.
  • Build your network with the 200+ best minds in marketing.
  • Get more insights in two days than weeks of market research and competitive benchmarking.




The future of manufacturing is in technology and it is obvious that the next generation of top manufacturers will come from companies that leverage technology in their manufacturing process. Therefore, the development of new industrial technology is at full speed and is changing the old traditional manufacturing factories into smart factories where manufacturing processes are connected to one another. The traditional factory mainly focuses on providing high-end quality service or product with the least cost and tries to achieve better performance possible. In contrast the smart factory involves the usage of machines which can communicate with each other, predict failure, and trigger maintenance processes autonomously which react to unexpected changes in production.The latest technology development does not only help manufacturer to boost up their productivity but also will bring them one step closer to fulfil customers’ wants and needs.


  • Overcome the fear of digital transformation.
  • Gain insights on the importance of digital transformation and its global trends and developments.
  • Understand the characteristics of a Smart Factory.
  • Identify actions to be taken to improve innovation in management capabilities
  • Discover latest technologies and solutions to optimize your current machinery.
  • Learn new manufacturing technologies and strategies from industry experts.
  • Broaden your network with new professional peers in the manufacturing industry.
  • Listen to successful practitioners who has first – hand experience on achieving and sustaining the impact of Digital Manufacturing.
  • Learn how to create a framework for your company’s digital transformation.
  • Understand practical methods to improve productivity using Industry 4.0 technology in your Smart Factory
  • Discover how to turn your current Smart Factory vision into achievable goals and objectives.

We look forward to welcoming you and your team for an excellent networking session!



Fraud mainly involves those people who act (intentionally) for their own benefit, secretly depriving something valuable. Fraud involves various different and unlimited forms. On every nook and corner there are companies opened without having any license or having fake license so that they can attract people with various sparkling offers on investing with them. Also there are many people who depend on them without taking into account the rules and regulations that makes up a company legally come into existence. This is the story since the beginning of humanity, though there are many awareness programs and campaigns conducted, there seem to be people who are still becoming victim of such fraudulent practices. For many years, the traditional methodology of data analysis has been used for detecting fraud. It does require complex techniques and is also a time consuming practice. It requires a wide knowledge, based on the kind of fraud conducted, therefore there are various trainings provided for the security agencies in order to handle the unforeseen situation and implement corrective measures.

Business Intelligence techniques have tools for privacy and security services.  This is useful for detection of the manuals and reports that are not according to the pre-set standards and bye- laws governing the effective working of the organization as a whole. No doubt the levels of confidentiality are well maintained and handled by the expert agencies, but the usage of the BI tools, will point out the accuracy of the data analyzed and also the statistical graph presentation would determine the level of fraud conducted. This Fraud Analytics using Business Intelligence techniques will reveal the secret to better management of fraud detection through advanced tools and methods. Come away with techniques to improvise and widen your skills in Microsoft Excel to help your fraud auditing process. Be the “go to” person for fraud analytics and the continuous monitoring of transaction data.

Key Benefits of attending this workshop

  • Discover fraud risk assessment tools to investigate financial fraud
  • Learn to use Business Intelligence to do data mining
  • Build a preventive and detective control system through a detailed fraud management plan
  • Take effective and proactive anti-fraud measures to ensure compliance
  • Explore the usefulness of ratio analysis in the detection of financial statement irregularity
  • Apply data visualization to detect potential fraud
  • Understand the depth of the problem using forensic tools like regression analysis
  • Discover opportunities to save cost and increase efficiency in fraud detection processes
  • Explore ways to address complexities with Data Analysis techniques
  • Improve and widen your skills in Microsoft Excel


A contract is a cornerstone to any business transaction. In the current economic condition, companies that treat all contracts alike often then fail to realise or meet expectations with regards to logistics, services, quality of procured product or service, address embedded risk and often fall short of overall business targets. Contractual risk management involves the calculated actions to reduce the severity, frequency, and unpredictability of damages, losses, and claims.

However, it also involves, to some extent, managing the occurrence of those other negative business events. Such risks could be anything that threatens business operations. Contractual risk management can be strategic (systematic and ongoing) or operational (single transaction). Theodore Roosevelt: “Risk is like fire: If controlled, it will help you; if uncontrolled, it will rise up and destroy you.”


Key Benefits of Attending Contractual Risk Management

  • Negotiation strategies for risk-based commercial contract for an enforceable contract agreement
  • Identifying key legal risks of contracts while negotiating
  • Assessing financial risks and its implications before finalisation of transaction to avoid costly and time-critical mistakes
  • Enhancing contract risk management skills to safeguard your organisation’s commercial obligations
  • To have a strategic risks identification plan for risk priorities and mitigation measures
  • Monitor and protect against emerging unforeseen risks through Contract Management Maturity Model
  • Coming up with alternative dispute resolutions to regain quickly from diverted contractual obligations
  • Coordinate a successful contract-committed working relationship internally & externally to ensure smooth contract performance


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Header Cyber Threat 2018


Cyber Threat Intelligence is what cyber threat information becomes once it has been collected, evaluated in the context of its source and reliability, and analyzed through rigorous and structured tradecraft techniques by those with substantive expertise and access to all-source information. Like all intelligence, cyber threat intelligence provides a value-add to cyber threat information, which reduces uncertainty for the consumer, while aiding the consumer in identifying threats and opportunities. It requires that analysts identify similarities and differences in vast quantities of information and detect deceptions to produce accurate, timely, and relevant intelligence.

Because a security breach is unavoidable, a strong and swift Incident-Response plan is necessary for a quick recovery after the attack and stay resilient thereafter.  Later a thorough investigation with a comprehensive Digital Forensic Framework will mitigate the attackers.


Key Benefits of Attending Cyber Threat Intelligence and Incident Response

  • Understand that Cyber Threat Intelligence is not a simple procedure, meet 21 experts who can help you
  • Know how human behaviour can invite threats
  • Learn how to detect attackers even before they attack
  • Highly acclaimed Speakers will guide you through on how to build a strong and comprehensive Cyber Threat Intelligence and Incident Response Plan.
  • Listen to Digital Forensic experts who will tell you how to investigate and mitigate cyber attackers.
  • Finally to know what it takes to stay resilient and safe from these invaders.


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Header Managing Contract Jan 2018 Sunway


A recent international survey on contract management identified change management terms among the most frequent sources of claims or disputes. Clauses dealing with price changes topped the list. It is therefore important that you understand how contract terms can be used to manage and resolve disputes. This course will help you to consider the ways in which claims and disputes can be managed, both informally and formally in accordance with the terms of the contract.

The course is designed and delivered by a leading consultant with significant experience of negotiating and drafting commercial agreements as well as advising on dispute resolution and contract termination. Michael will ensure that you not only understand the law and regulation but also appreciate the commercial issues relating to change management, contract variation and dispute resolution. He will use realistic case studies as well as actual cases that have been resolved by the courts.

Key benefits of attending Managing Contract Claims, Variations and Disputes:

  • Discover how to use counter claims to safeguard your interests when claims arise.
  • Implement and manage contract variations successfully to avoid disruptions and delays in your contracts.
  • Find out if you are entitled to initiate contract variations and which contractual party should bear the costs for the changes to the contract.
  • Resolve your contractual disputes by identifying the causes of disputes and utilizing dispute management and negotiation strategies.
  • Assess the best alternative dispute resolution you should utilize when your contractual disputes become too complex.
  • Master crucial strategies and best practices when resolving disputes surrounding commercial contracts through legal cases.
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HEADER Detecting Fraud 2018



Fraud remains a stubborn and growing problem for organizations in the South East Asia region. Fraud is a billion-dollar business and it is increasing every year.

KPMG Managing Partner warned that the mind-set that Fraud, bribery and corruption are part and parcel of doing business is very dangerous. It is vital for organizations to take proactive steps in fraud detection. Detecting fraud is never an easy feat, but these days, the sheer volume of information available makes it more difficult than ever to detect. This has shown greater need for innovative and sophisticated techniques to prevent fraud.

This Fraud Analytics and Business Intelligence training will reveal the secret to better management of fraud detection through advanced tools and methods. Come away with techniques to improvise and widen your skills in Microsoft Excel to help your fraud auditing process, Be the "go to" person for fraud analytics and the continuous monitoring of transaction data.


  • Improving your fraud risk management structure
  • Strengthening audit process with Business Intelligence (BI) Tools
  • Utilising Microsoft Excel to the best advantage
  • Discovering tools and techniques to fraud management
  • Mastering data analytics for fraud detection
  • Being the go-to person fro fraud issues
  • Updating your continuous monitoring framework
  • Designing an anti-fraud framework
  • Implementing cost-savings techniques immedietly
  • Identifying high risk and value added audit engagements