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Header Financial Modelling Sept 16

Financial modelling is like an art. An artist requires constant practice and commitment to develop expertise in this area. Building a financial model works the same way. In today’s world, many business dealings and operations are conducted regionally and internationally. This requires robust financial models to aid organizations’ strategic decision-making.

This two-day financial modeling course provides a sound understanding of both the principles of financial modeling and the practical application of these to real-world situations by using Excel to build financial models.
This course builds upon the financial modelling principles and practices learned, to apply these to company or project valuations. In this, participants improve their mastery of valuation principles and concepts, and learn how to apply these in real-life situations. Join us to learn how to develop business application that will boost your organization’s strategic decision making!

Additionally, you will be introduced to Business Intelligence (BI). In the BI session you will come to appreciate the usefulness and strength of Power Query, Power Pivot and Power BI. Once you appreciate the potential links between all of the elements of this course and BI, your modelling, forecasting and budgeting life will never be the same again!

Key benefits of attending Financial Modelling and Valuation Using Excel:

  • You will be able to efficiently create robust and flexible models
  • You will gain a sound understanding of financial modelling and valuation concepts
  •  You will gain practical experience in designing solutions to real-world financial modelling challenges by building financial models in Excel
  • You will gain experience in making your model robust, user-friendly and efficient
  • You will be able to take home comprehensive workshop materials which consists of worked examples, suggested solutions, reference materials and large variety of templates that can be immediately applied to kick-start your projects
  • You will be given a life changing introduction to business intelligence via Excel and Microsoft's Power BI free package.