Projects are on the rise in most industries in Malaysia, taking the current economic conditions into consideration. In many cases unfortunately, projects have been abandoned, mostly due to shortage of funds. What is seen obviously is only in the construction industry. The fact is, most industries face the similar situation. Sadly our oil and gas industry has been most affected, as we are aware of.

The root causes of an unsuccessful project may not necessarily be because of the plunging economy. Managing a project would mean to be able to complete a project successfully despite the conditions of the country.

This workshop will benefit practitioners who wish to creatively apply their technical expertise to manage real world projects. It will also be a great tool for a day – to – day business management.

Key benefits of attending Managing Successful Projects:

  • A four-phase process; focusing the project, designing the project, implementing the project and transferring control (closing)
  • Step-by-step framework for immediate implementation back in the office
  • Key technical practices and issues relating to the four project management phases
  • “Human Dynamics” which are critical success factors in project management
  • Effective project monitoring strategies