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Scope refers to the detailed set of deliverables or features of a project. These deliverables are derived from a Project's requirements. The PMBOK (Program Management Book of Knowledge) defines Project Scope as the "The work that needs to be accomplished to deliver a product, service, or result with the specified features and functions."

Scope is one of the 3 critical components defined in within the Triple Constraint. The other two being Time and Cost. Closely related to Scope Management is Quality Management. This relationship will be covered such that not only is required work delivered in the project but that it also meets the critical quality needs.

This course will focus on the identification, definition and clarification, scheduling of and management of work (scope) necessary to successfully complete the project defined. In addition Quality Management and a Quality Plan will ensure successful project delivery of the defined work.

Throughout the course best practices (and worst practices) will be introduced and put into context through various exercise and case studies.

Key benefits of attending this workshop:

  • Ensure all work needed for successful project completion is identified and planned for
  • Learn to avoid Scope Creep, one of the biggest factors in Project failure
  • Factor in Quality ensuring a true “fit for purpose” project deliverable
  • Utilize tricks and tips to elicit better and more accurate requirements
  • Effectively monitor project progress and quickly identify scope slippage
  • Ensure effective collaboration and communication with all key stakeholders
  • Have a high degree of confidence that what is being built meets the customer’s needs.