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Header Root Cause Analysis

Prudent enterprises recognize the value added opportunities in engaging teams for business process improvements and redesigning. Standards and procedures establish the baselines for controlling business process performance. Enterprise capability to meet critical success factors depend on efforts to find solutions that respond to changing expectations and requirements.

The gateway to finding solutions that impact on enterprise capability is the ability to sharpen the inquiry and diagnosis of business processes and operations. The key to access the gateway is an incisive competency to identify, drill down and validate observable and objective causes. Gaining a foothold on vital root causes is the turning point for moving from ‘as-is’ to ‘to-be’ performance levels. The competency begins from business performance diagnosis and cascades to the functional and line levels of the enterprises.

Enterprises that take time to reflect on current performance with the aim of taking significant leaps to achieve higher levels or performance win the race. Drawing on the analogy of the ‘tortoise and the hare race’, viable solutions are generated to produce results that can be sustained and progressed.

Zenith’s 2-days workshop will affect a paradigm shift in the way you view Root Cause Analysis in business process, moving beyond just simply a work-based and functional process but as a relentless tool for laying out strategic business plans which then cascades to effective tactical and operational planning. Participants will generate an understanding of different causes of underperforming processes and respective roots in the progress towards validation of process performance, support improvement efforts with statistical methods that offer insights and knowledge for empirical analysis, and perform risk analysis to sustain solutions and amplify success.

Key benefits of attending this program:

  • Validate business strategies by identifying the reasons for the gaps between current and expected performance levels in business process
  • Make right decisions at the right time based on rigorous data analysis used in dashboards, business process capability, hypothesis testing and experiments
  • Streamline core business process activities to enable timely and accurate delivery of services or products that meet or exceed requirements
  • Eliminate disruptions, rework and waste in end to end flow of materials, information and decisions
  • Test and formalize solutions that are robust and error-proofed
  • Hold the gains achieved through improving or redesigning the business process