Acquiring the Key Trends and Strategies for 2021 that Marketers need to be Aware to Stay Up-to-Date and Gain Competitive Advantage among Competitors


There is no denying the fact that social media has become a necessary part of a business marketing strategy, with customers and clients relying on brands and products to have visibility and transparency online. With this expectation
firmly embedded in the minds of the consumer, it is vital for businesses and brands to utilize the very latest techniques and principles in social media to keep ahead of the competition.

This two-day masterclass will be covering the subject “Social Media Marketing” and during these two days, the trainer will be covering all the fundamentals of social media strategies, the
latest trends as well as the growth and retention techniques with an aim to increase engagement through the use of content and marketing campaigns.


  1. The techniques employed by leading brands and businesses and how it improves online engagement
  2. How to combine social media platforms to create strong uniform marketing campaigns
  3. How to create engaging and interactive content for deployment on platforms
  4. How to measure and analyze data and statistics
  5. The types of social media platforms and their specific benefits & advantages for advanced strategies


Director & Master Trainer
Charles Mann Training & Consultancy
Sdn Bhd

Abdul Awwal, born and raised in the city of Birmingham, United Kingdom, graduated from the initial batch of seven students who formed part of the innovative Multimedia degree program in the first-ever such course offered by any educational establishment in the UK. Teesside University, based in the north of England in the city of Middlesbrough, was known as an innovative and genre-creating institute, producing experts in the fields of computing and technology.

As a Director and Master Trainer of innovative and unique training and consultancy, Awwal has enhanced the knowledge and technological abilities of Malaysia SME’s, organisations and educational establishments, enriching
them with the digitals tools to help them grow and flourish. With clients such as Maybank, Bank Rakyat, Petronas Chemicals, Manulife, Shopee, University Technology Petronas, OSK Property, AIA, TNB, Bosch Malaysia, he hopes to continue to help other South East Asia businesses navigate the world of technology and online marketing.

Working closely with a variety of organisations, covering such diverse areas as travel, retail, telecommunications, charities and media, Abdul Awwal has built up an impressive knowledge base, placing him in a position where he can effectively expound the benefits and usage of the vast tools available to small and medium businesses, when it comes to utilising online and digital solutions.