Power and Utilities (P&U) executives recognize that transformation has to take root. The writing is on the wall – revenue growth is down and demand for innovative solutions is up. Transformation must find a way to close the gap and provide value for customers profitably. Disruptive technologies demand that there be a response. Transformation efforts have a number of fronts. There are no exceptions; from electricity generation to demand response, gas transmission to delivery, water purification to wastewater disposal and the maintenance and metering demands. The urgency for transformation arises from a number of imperatives including:

1. Regulatory challenges including macro-economic and geopolitical challenges
2. Cost of energy – natural resources are limited
3. Competition from a customer experience perspective
4. Complex supply chain that crosses national boundaries
5. Compliance with Social, Economic and Environmental requirements
6. Smart technologies
7. Premiums on human talent

Effective P&U response demands a comprehensive assessment of organizational and process capabilities to define the ‘take-off’ points for transformation. At the core, the objective of transformation lies in operational efficiencies. The fourth industrial revolution defines the dimensions for transformation starting with Business Process improvement (BPI).


Dr. John Man
Advisor, Coach & Trainer
Business Process Transformation
Smart Process International

John Man has International experience in defence, banking and manufacturing at various senior management positions to strategize and deploy the full range of value creation initiatives through lean methods and Six Sigma. Primary accelerator of productivity growth, business and factory expansion, leading and implementing projects from supply chain management, product development and operations. Releasing enterprises from Industry 2.5 to implement Industry 4.0 solutions.
John facilitated process transformation teams to increase throughput yield, improve outgoing quality assurance, reduce labour cost, and increase production efficiency through rigorous process analysis. His most recent work was in an Electronics Manufacturing enterprise where solutions implemented enabled the organization to realise revenue growth of >300M over 7 years.
John accelerated the business improvement program at the Family Assistance Office in Adelaide by establishing call centre performance baselines and formalizing value stream maps for the on-going interaction activities. John has lead trainings worldwide and he has a Ph.D. in Organization Development and Change.