Organizations are constantly developing new products, programs, services, streamlining business processes, and striving to increase quality and customer satisfaction. Good project management is a key skill required to ensure the success of these efforts on a predictable schedule and within an acceptable budget.
This course will give you a firm foundation in the entire project management process from Initiating to Closeout, including all the specific steps needed to successfully plan and manage your next project, Learn what to do when faced with common challenges including; unclear requirements, unrealistic deadlines, unrealistic budget, frequent changes, lack of direct authority and complex group dynamics.
In this interactive workshop, you will work with others in simulated project teams and learn how to create a realistic project plan using proven tools and techniques. You will also learn how to develop a schedule and budget; how to actively manage the risks that could affect your project; and how to manage your team effectively to ensure the highest certainty of success. This workshop also covers case studies and practical risk management exercises, applicable to all industry sectors where projects are undertaken, and are of a value and nature that necessitate formal risk management.


Founder & Principal
Barrier Cove, Canada

Tony has over 40 years’ experience in the Financial Services IT field and over 20 years in managing and directing large projects and programs. In addition he was the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer for a new Securities company setup in Japan for a major Australian Financial Services player.

In the past 15 years following work in UK and Canada, he worked extensively in Asia including Japan (8 years), Malaysia (1 year) and Australia (5 years) all in the Financial Services field plus teaching Project Management related courses in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, India and Australia. Tony passed his PMP exam back in 2004 in Tokyo, Japan. He is also a licensed securities dealer in Japan. Tony managed the Y2K project for the Canadian Division of a major North American insurer. This multi-year project contained 76 individual projects, staffed by over 200 people with a budget in excess of over $28million.

Tony has led large teams in company mergers with teams addressing all areas of the Group Life and Health fields (Administration, Marketing, Sales, Claims, Disability Management, Underwriting etc.) His primary strength has been in initial project plan development including Business Plan and Project plan establishment along with subsequent Project Execution. Tony was asked to coordinate the planning and execution of the establishment of a major Japanese Insurance Company by its Canadian parent. Subsequently he was Assistant Vice President of Business Development driving a Major restructuring of the Japanese entities sales organization providing annual savings of $50 million.

He has worked in Australia successfully delivering major IT initiatives for the securities arm of a major Australian Bank along with the total replacement of a critical Administration system for a major General Insurer.

Along with providing individual training programs Tony has been asked extensively to provide internal training programs covering such topics as Leadership, Communication, Why Projects Fail as well as Key Learnings from Business Life. Tony’s courses are always highly interactive; bring real life learning to attendees and amongst all honesty and practicality on how Project Managers must work with Senior Management for successful project delivery.