DIGITAL MARKETING FRAMEWORK – Strategize, Plan, Execute and Measure

Building the Right Foundation to Attract More Traffic, Generate More Leads and Grow Your Business


Many businesses have relied on traditional form of marketing for years to broadcast their messages to a wide audience. but with people avoiding close contact, most traditional marketing channels have a much smaller audience than they did pre-pandemic.

Meanwhile, because they’re not leaving home much, people are spending way more time online than ever before. Internet usage soared 25% within a few days in mid-March as the pandemic started forcing people into lockdown, and since then, we’ve been visiting websites, video chatting, streaming, video gaming and connecting one social media in record-breaking numbers.

Therefore, investing in digital marketing – whether it’s online ads, social media, blogging or all of the above – is a no-brainer when your target audience is spending a large amount of time every day online.

This program would be extremely suitable for professionals and business owners and will greatly benefit those who are looking to grow their company through investing time and/or money in digital marketing and increasing their presence in the virtual world.

Participants will also have quizzes, reflection questions and short projects throughout which can be done individually or in small groups.


As Scott Jones, CEO of 123 Internet Group, told ” We are in uncertain times, but with the increase of remote working and a collaborative approach, companies are turning to digital channels and embracing the transformation.” -Forbes-


  • Acquire modern marketing techniques of being engaging and useful via Email, Search Engine, Social, Display, Mobile, etc. at relevant touch during the consumer’s journey.
  • Learn effective digital marketing tactics to ascend up the hierarchy as well as stand out among other competitors.
  • Identify ways to generate more digital marketing ideas to be presented to your top management
  • Be equipped with the knowledge needed to maximize value from owned media via a search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing and paid media strategies.
  • Learn to build actionable digital marketing strategies and objectives that maximise your business results and ROI.
  • Use the right measurement tools to evaluate your digital marketing success and ROI.



Jeff Rajeck is an experienced marketing trainer and consultant based in Singapore whose recent clients include Amazon, Adidas, Cathay Pacific, and Singtel. His approach is to urge marketers to decide on the foundational elements of a successful marketing campaign – namely business goals, marketing objectives and strategy – before choosing marketing tactics and channels.

Jeff has been training through Econsultancy, a London-based marketing publisher, since 2015 and has written hundreds of blog posts, delivered dozens of webinars and produced several research papers for the company, as well. Before Econsultancy, Jeff served as the marketing director for a Singapore startup which provided social media analytics consulting for clients such as Standard Chartered, Deutsche Bank, BASF and KPMG.

Jeff holds a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Illinois (US) and a master’s degree in Finance from Nanyang Technological University (SG). Jeff will complete a master’s in Marketing with a specialization in Marketing Analytics at the University of Alabama in 2020.