The future of manufacturing is in technology and it is obvious that the next generation of top manufacturers will come from companies that leverage technology in their manufacturing process. Therefore, the development of new industrial technology is at full speed and is changing the old traditional manufacturing factories into smart factories where manufacturing processes are connected to one another. The traditional factory mainly focuses on providing high-end quality service or product with the least cost and tries to achieve better performance possible. In contrast the smart factory involves the usage of machines which can communicate with each other, predict failure, and trigger maintenance processes autonomously which react to unexpected changes in production.The latest technology development does not only help manufacturer to boost up their productivity but also will bring them one step closer to fulfil customers’ wants and needs.


  • Overcome the fear of digital transformation.
  • Gain insights on the importance of digital transformation and its global trends and developments.
  • Understand the characteristics of a Smart Factory.
  • Identify actions to be taken to improve innovation in management capabilities
  • Discover latest technologies and solutions to optimize your current machinery.
  • Learn new manufacturing technologies and strategies from industry experts.
  • Broaden your network with new professional peers in the manufacturing industry.
  • Listen to successful practitioners who has first – hand experience on achieving and sustaining the impact of Digital Manufacturing.
  • Learn how to create a framework for your company’s digital transformation.
  • Understand practical methods to improve productivity using Industry 4.0 technology in your Smart Factory
  • Discover how to turn your current Smart Factory vision into achievable goals and objectives.

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