5 key benefits of this workshop

• Be presented with success stories and practical case studies on real-life BCP tests conducted by leading institutions and multinationals

• Learn advanced techniques to select an appropriate scenario and scope for your BCP tests and improve your skills in achieving buy-in and support for your BCP tests

• Be better equipped for any Business Continuity consulting and implementation work.

• Receive the latest information on Cyber Crime risks and pitfalls

• Learn through success and failure stories from other organisations, about evolving threats and BCP/Crisis Management challenges

Is your Business Continuity Plan (BCP) proving to be a failure… or is it non-existent? This workshop includes regional case studies on COVID-19, cyber risk (e.g. incurred by large scale work-from -home scenarios), natural disasters and their related impact on the supply chain. Learn from a leading global expert about advanced BCP techniques and proven methods to prepare a hands-on BCP. Learn how to improve your Business Continuity… step-by-step. This workshop follows the Business As Usual cycle, which is a best-practice model for implementing Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery processes in your organisation. It provides participants with in-depth information, examples, best-practice recommendations and interactive exercises structured according to the following 8 components of the cycle.

Re-vamp your BCP with the latest best practice regarding threats such as:
• COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus)
• Natural disasters
• Cyber attacks
• Supply Chain Disruption

During this highly interactive program, you will come away knowing you’ve started to build a practical BCP or validated your existing plan against the latest lessons learned. Various case studies will include ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’ which we will review and learn useful tactics from. 

The case studies we use will come from a range of different sectors such as banking, IT, telecommunications, logistics, manufacturing, energy, government, insurance and other industries. A pre-program questionnaire will be sent to participants to enable targeted customisation of case studies aligned to your specific field of interest. 

Apart from the facilitator highlighting various examples, video materials will be used followed by discussion and analysis. 

Discussions and practical exercises to play with the learned material will be part of this interactive workshop. 

Depending on delegate needs, a boardgame assisting in how to build winning Business Continuity Teams is also part of the course. 

Various world class templates will be provided by the consultant during the course, for example for:
Risk Assessment (including Pandemic threat)
• BCP-on-a-page • Performing a mini-audit on your plan based on ISO 22301, the global BCP standard
• Documenting a test plan, scenario and detailed script for your next BCP test/rehearsal.

(These will also be provided to delegates electronically after the workshop.)

RINSKE GEERLINGS, Managing Director, Business As Ususal (Australia), Risk Consultant of the Year 2017 Australasia (RMIA)

Rinske Geerlings (based in Australia) is a leading authority on Business Continuity, Risk Management and Information Security. She won the prestigious Risk Consultant of the Year (2017, RMIA Australasia) award and was also Outstanding Security Consultant of the Year (2019 finalist, OSPAs) and BPW Business Woman 2010-2013. 

Rinske is an internationally known consultant, speaker and certified Business Continuity, Information Security & Risk Management trainer. Her firm, Business As Usual (BAU), since 2006, has worked with prestigious clients such as 12 Central Banks, APEC, BBC, Toll, Shell, Fuji Xerox, Fujitsu, NIB Health Funds, Toga, ASIC, Departments of Defence/Immigration/Health/Industry/ Education/Foreign Affairs and 100s of other organisations, small and large, worldwide. 

She draws on more than 20 years’ experience across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Africa, South America and Europe. Rinske has been changing the way organisations ‘plan for the unexpected’. Her facilitation skills enable organisations to achieve their own results and simplifying their processes. She applies a fresh, energetic, fun, practical, easy-to-apply, innovative approach to BCP, Security, Risk and Disaster Recovery… topics often perceived as dull and cumbersome. 

Her alter ego includes being lead singer and manager of SophieG Music, which is involved in major music projects – including those contributing to the global charity Playing For Change, which provides music education to children in disadvantaged regions