Business Metrics – Practice and Application
Acquiring Different Measurement Systems and Marketing Activities to Increase Your Brand Worth in the Market

Most marketers are now being asked by management to justify their decisions using data. Yet many are still not sure about what data they need to do so – or how to analyse the data that they already have. The Marketing Data & Analytics Workshop is designed to help marketers understand their data and become more ‘data-driven’ with their marketing. Over two days of workshop sessions, the course provides the background, tools and processes necessary to support marketing decisions and prove marketing effectiveness with data.

On day one, participants are provided with an overview of marketing analytics, some basic analytics concepts as well as the free data analytics tools they will use. Day two builds on this foundation with hands-on exercises designed to show marketers how they discover insights about their audience, improve the customer journey flow and increase marketing performance, all by using data more effectively.

Marketers will leave the course more confident about what marketing data is available to them, how to use it to deliver better results and how to develop data-enhanced reports for management.