In A Gist: Identifying Cost Consuming Areas in Each Department Using Cost Management Strategies to Eliminate Wastage and Boost Profits

Increasing global competition, an intensifying regulatory environment and growing cost pressures mean that businesses facing more fierce challenges than ever. The successful organizations will be the ones that create a strong strategic focus to drive performance and align resources organization-wide to facilitate strategic execution.

In Zenith’s 2-day workshop, Duncan Williamson, will share his vision that CFOs need increased focus on profitability. Being a leading finance and cost management expert, Duncan will challenge some of the common premises of cost management and share case studies where companies have identified the true causes of costs and therefore profitability to then materially increased profits. He will discuss leading cost management techniques.

Key benefits of attending

  • Make Optimal Use of Organization’s Resources Using A Performing Cost Management Structure
  • Determine Two Major Make Up Value Factors of The Firm: Risk & Profitability
  • Facilitate Improvements Both Within the Organization and With Suppliers
  • Take Actions That Are Necessary to Assure That the Resources and Business Operations Aim at Attaining Objectives and Goals
  • Analyze the Business Positioning in Terms of Making an Acquisition Factoring the Cost Component Involved

About the Trainer




Duncan Williamson specializes in Financial Analysis and Management Accounting; and he is an Accounting and Management Consultant with significant experience with a sustained record of success established in the Educational, Financial and Commercial market places. Some of his partial clients in Malaysia includes: – Kumpulan Wang Pesaraan, United Plantation Bhd, Bina Darulaman Bhd, Gas Malaysia Bhd, BASF Petronas Chemicals S/B, NEC Corporation of Malaysia and more. Duncan’s   International experience includes projects and consultancies carried out in the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, South Asia, South East Asia, the Caucasus, the Balkans, Central Europe and Denmark.

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