This conference will deliver the insights to help marketers to strategize marketing revolving the 21st  century consumers. Experts from around the region will share their successful strategies which will be presented by representatives from top international companies. We believe this conference will give you the big picture of 21st  century consumers’ landscape and how marketing in top companies have been implementing consumer-first approach. You cannot afford to ignore the 21st century consumers, their demands are going to keep growing!


  • Understand the current consumer trends from top industry speakers.
  • Equip yourself with the skills and insights to flourish in the year ahead with case studies, keynotes, and discussions.
  • Take away practical examples of how to integrate various marketing strategies to your own brand and organisation.
  • Identify the most suitable marketing strategy for different types of consumers.
  • Learn about consumer-first marketing strategies from 20+ top marketers.
  • Cross-reference ideas, concepts and queries relating to the various means of communication.
  • Overcome the obstacles in understanding and implementing new technologies.
  • Get insights on how a company’s return on marketing can match-up to others’.
  • Build your network with the 200+ best minds in marketing.
  • Get more insights in two days than weeks of market research and competitive benchmarking.